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First and foremost
Kuk Sul Do is a system of training for character development which instills confidence, self discipline and concentration. By facing the rigorous training process, it prepares us for the struggles and hardships for life. Combine this with a physically fit body and we have achieved a clear mind to respond (physically or mentally) to our ever changing environment.

By building confidence, self discipline and concentration you can eliminate fear, frustration and anxiety. You needn't be intimidated by anyone or anything. Through Kuk Sul Do training, you will learn to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in your life. Through mental and physical training our students' experience, we see the change that occurs in them. Those with an overly aggressive nature become calm. Those with a passive nature become more active. Kuk Sul Do training allows you to subtly moderate and harmonize your spirit. The key is confidence. Overly passive or aggressive people lack confidence, the only difference being their expression of that lack. Through Kuk Sul Do they build confidence and the aggressive person doesn't need to prove himself and the passive person doesn't need to withdraw.

Kuk Sul Do is a trademarked name created by Grandmaster Yang meaning "Korean Traditional Martial Arts", and is one of the finest self defense systems ever created. The study of self defense is almost as old as the human race itself. Humans, which lack natural weaponry of animals such as a tiger or rhino, had to develop a means to meet and defeat potential attackers. Kuk Sul Do is the accumulation of various fighting methods developed over centuries in Asia. It combines the kicking and punching techniques of Tae Kwon Do & Karate with the joint locks & grappling techniques of Judo, Ju-Jitsu & Aikido joined with the graceful forms of Kung Fu.

But the techniques are different than those of other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, and others. Grandmaster Yang developed and created the techniques used in Kuk Sul Do.

Unlike other martial arts, Kuk Sul Do is not a competitive art or sport. It focuses on the science and physiology of a physical encounter, using soft and deceptive circular motions to counter an opponent's force. It turns this force back into the attacker requiring very little effort on the defender's part.

In its highest form, Kuk Sul Do teaches much more than self defense. It develops character, increases concentration, improves self confidence, and promotes good physical and mental health. We teach character attributes such as respect, courtesy, cooperation, modesty, integrity, loyalty, perseverance and generosity. In short, the practiced skill evolves within a person and becomes a way of life. Above any other goal in Kuk Sul Do is the ultimate goal of self improvement. By improving yourself, the student improves the world around him. Through the acquisition of the tenets of Kuk Sul Do, the student becomes a model of respect and admiration.

Study and learn Kuk Sul Do and become the one who sets the example of a true leader and blazes trails that other will follow. Click below to learn more about Kuk Sul Do Founder, Grandmaster Yang!




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