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A Traditional Korean Martial Art

Looking to learn self-defense, build strength and increase self-confidence? Are you looking to get into shape, improve self-discipline, mental focus and coordination?

Think about what works and what has continued to work for hundreds of years.
Think about Martial Arts.

Think about Kuk Sul Do.

Kuk Sul Do (pronounced “kook sool doe”) is a traditional Korean Martial Art with a rich history reaching back to 550 A.D. to a time where Korean Royal Bodyguards developed many aspects of what is now Kuk Sul Do. Kuk Sul Do is a combination hard & soft style of martial arts that emphasizes fluidity and speed, as well as harnessing your internal energy or Ki. Students are taught to subdue opponents with a minimum of effort and maximum results . Today Kuk Sul Do is a rich martial art that can provide you with strength, balance, felixbility and confidence.

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