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Kuk Sul Do Founder Choon S. Yang

Born in Korea, Chong Jae Nym Yang (Chong Jae Nym means Grandmaster in English) started his martial arts journey at a very young age, training under his uncle who was a master. Grandmaster Yang rose to the rank of chief instructor at the national headquarters dojang where he was responsible for teaching masters from all over Korea for many years. In fact, Grandmaster Yang was featured in one of the first books ever produced about Korean martial arts, and took part in a documentary demonstrating the “arts to defend the nation”.

In 1978, South Korean President Park sent Grandmaster Yang as a member of a government martial arts men's demonstration team consisting of nine masters, of which Grandmaster Yang was the primary member.  This team was sent to represent and promote Korea in the United States. Seeing the potential for teaching traditional Korean martial arts (known then as Ho Kuk Mu Ye) in the U.S., Grandmaster Yang moved from Korea to San Jose, CA and opened a new dojang. As one of a dwindling number of masters still actively practicing and teaching traditional Korean martial arts, Grandmaster felt the need to build an organization of senior masters who could help him pass on his passion for the art. As a result, the martial art of Kuk Sul Do was created under Yang's Kuk Sul Do Federation..

Today, the Federation’s trademarks are its consistent high quality, effective training methods and its stringent testing requirements. All instructors in the Federation are handpicked, trained and tested by Grandmaster Yang himself. Throughout the year, Grandmaster Yang travels to all of his schools in the country conducting tests and seminars to ensure that his instructors are passing down the art of Kuk Sul Do correctly and with the honor, respect, and dignity he expects. As an example of his desire for maintaining high quality, Grandmaster tests all color belt and black belt candidates personally to ensure his high standards are met. He demands excellence from his black belts (and black belt candidates) in their technique and character, and often requires multiple tests before he is satisfied that they can be promoted. He is often heard to exclaim to his students, “I will not give you a black belt – you have to take it from me!”

The Federation prides itself in being an elite martial arts organization, steeped in tradition, integrity, and passion. Grandmaster extols all of his students to “Train Hard!” and to reach deep within themselves to discover their true potential. This is an organization that expects more from its students and gives them the tools and guidance to deliver. The members of this Federation, like Grandmaster himself, believe that respect cannot be bought, it can only be earned through hard work and commitment.

On most days, Grandmaster can be found at the dojang doing what he enjoys most, sharing his passion and love of Kuk Sul Do with his students.



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