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KUK SUL DO - Federation and Academies

Yang's Kuk Sul Do Federation has a number of academies and affiliated schools throughout the United States and internationally. Chong Jae Nym Yang has personally supervised the training of each Master or Instructor and has fully certified each 0f them as instructors in the art of Kuk Sul Do.

They are listed below:

World Headquarters/Headquarters School
1050 Florence Way
Campbell, 95008

Centerville Kuk Sul Do Academy
Bu Kwan Jang Nym VanZandt
Sa Bum Nym Juan Romo
Sa Bum Nym Elvia Romo
Sa Bum Nym Veronica Romo
Sa Bum Nym Mosconi
99 Maple Ave.
Centerville, OH 45459

Chagrin Falls Kuk Sul Do Academy

Kwan Jang Nym/Master Jason Zak
300 Industrial Pkwy
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023sss

Paradise Kuk Sul Do Academy
Kwan Jang Nym/Master Charles Duran
6166 Center St
Paradise, CA 95969

~Affiliated Schools~
Please contact Yang's Kuk Sul Do Federation Headquarters if you would like more information about joining one of these schools.

Los Angeles, CA
Master Ko

Plano, TX
Chiefmaster Lee

Chicago, IL
Master Byung Ma

Modesto,  CA
Instructor R. Miller     

Dallas,  TX

Instructor D. Gordon     

Seoul, Korea

Chiefmaster Kim

Mexico City, Mexico
Master Kwak    



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